Early Bird Special!

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Our new learning platform is almost here!

Imagine a peaceful harp space. A place to learn, make friends, get answers to your questions and be encouraged to keep going. 


No adverts, no politics, no negative news. A harp haven.


That’s our vision for our new learning platform… and it’s opening on March 1st!

To celebrate, we’re offering a huge discount on our courses (previously called Video Lessons):


If you sign up to our membership before the end of February, you will get a course every month for 50% off!

What's in the membership?

  • An easy-to-use, modern platform – everything you’ve ever bought from us, in one place.
  • One course each month – using a proven method to help you learn a harp piece faster and improve your playing at the same time.
  • Your choice from a growing library of courses: popular favorites, Celtic tunes and beautiful hymns at a range of levels.
  • Sheet music for each course you choose
  • Classmates’ groups – ask questions and connect with people who are learning the same pieces as you.
  • Activity feed and private messaging – get to know other harp players and keep in touch
  • Discussion forum – ask any of your harp-related questions and get answers from  harp players all over the world
  • Members-only group sessions with Christy-Lyn
  • You’ll be entered into February’s giveaways automatically when you join the membership

So...what does it cost?

If you took one-to-one lessons with Christy-Lyn, it would take 5 weeks of lessons at US $65 per week to cover the same content as you get in one course.


That’s US$325 for the course alone! If you add all the help and training, it should cost more.


But we really want to make this accessible. That’s why we’re only charging US$40 per course.



To show we value your commitment, we have cut that down to US$30 for a monthly membership where you get one course per month.

BUT if you join before the end of February, you’ll get the same membership for only US$20 per month!


This offer will never happen again (pinky promise), so make sure you take it while you have a chance!

What our members say


Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone! Many of our members feel that they are not tech-savvy, and they have helped us to test this platform to make it easy for everyone to use. We have specially focused on making sure you will be able to find your courses and sheet music without hassle.
If you are ever confused or don’t know how to find things, our friendly team are always happy to help.

You can cancel your membership any time, there is no long-term commitment! The membership is charged on a month-to-month basis. 
If you want to join again, you will be charged at the normal membership price from then onward.

Your payment will go through on March 1st, and you will immediately be able to get your first course!

If you have bought anything from us previously, all your sheet music and courses will be there for you to look at too!

Yes! Each month you will get 1 Credit, which you can use to ‘purchase’ any of our courses. Our library of courses includes many different genres and difficulty levels, all of which are available for you to choose from.

Once you get your course, you will own it forever and can go back and review the content any time, even once you cancel your membership.


Yes it does! You will get the sheet music that corresponds with each course you choose. Sheet music is usually $5 purchased on its own.

Not at all! In every course, Christy-Lyn teaches every note so that our low-vision or blind students can follow along without looking at sheet music. So if you aren’t able to read sheet music, you will be able to learn just as well!

All of our Beginner and Early-Intermediate courses can be played on a 22 string (C to C) harp or anything larger, including Harpsicles.


Most Mid- and Late-Intermediate pieces require a 33 string harp or larger at  present.


However, we are planning on making a ‘how to adapt for small harp’ section in each Intermediate course in the future.

So you will be well looked after!

No. Your last Patreon payment went off on February 1st and we have now disabled Patreon from charging you (your account does not need to be deleted).
Even though you are entering your credit card details for the new platform, you will only get charged on here March 1st.

So your payments will basically carry on as normal!

If you sign up for this Early Bird special before the end of February, you will continue paying $20 per month as long as you are part of our membership. We won’t increase the price!

But if you cancel your membership and then want to join again, you will be charged the normal membership price from that point onward.

Yes! We have students who have never received any other training except our courses, and they have progressed to playing beautifully at an intermediate level!
We suggest you start with the Beginner Bundle – you will get 2 pieces for the price of 1. These beginner pieces will help you to lay the foundation for your playing and if you practice them thoroughly, your harp playing will get off to the perfect start!

We are going to continue creating beautiful Intermediate pieces!


At least every second month, a new Intermediate course will be released, on top of the selection of Intermediate pieces that are already available.

Only want free community for now?

We totally understand. We’re here to support you, not to force you into anything.


Sign up for free and you can access all our community features: the news feed, the forum, free videos and articles and private messaging with other harpists.


Come and join the fun!

Enter your name and email and we’ll let you know when our free community is open.

How to enter the Giveaways this February

During the month of February 2021, to celebrate launching this new online learning platform, we are holding giveaways every week!

There are two ways to enter the giveaway:
  1. If you sign up for the Early Bird Membership for US$20 per month, you will automatically be entered! 
  2. OR you can join the free community by entering your name and email address above, and you will be entered into the giveaway competition too.

Come to the weekly live-streams to hear who wins the prizes!


We will be LIVE every Thursday in February at 4pm SAST on YouTube. We will send you a replay link afterwards and will email the winner, so even if you can’t make the event you can still win!


We have already given away beautiful harp earrings and a necklace, and have more prizes in store… including a lap HARP made by Backyard Music!


Can’t wait to see you there!